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What you're paying for when you get lash extensions. 

We want to provide you the best service, with the best brands, done by the the best technicians. Here is a glimpse of what goes in to our prices.

Professional training for lash extensions is not cheap. If it is cheap it's not good quality training. Your lash stylist is paying on average $800-2500 for each training she attends. At these trainings she learns all about the eye area and how to safely work around it. This is in addition all the things she learned at esthetics or cosmetology school. Your lash stylist learned how to style your lashes to fit your face and give you the best look possible. She is learning how to SAFELY apply lash extensions. My dad always told me it's not about knowing HOW to turn the screw, it's about knowing WHICH screw to turn. There are a lot of people out there incorrectly applying lashes. This can lead to permanent lash damage and infections.

Not all lash products are created the same. There are the cheap, Gremlin-type products and there are the more expensive, Rolls Royce-type products. Many salon owners take pride in the products they use. These are the places you want to go. You want your lash stylist using the best products around your sensitive eye area. These more expensive products undergo years of research and development. Technology is always changing and that means technology to make safer products. Most salon owners want to use the safest product available. Many of our products go through testing with the FDA and meet their high standards.

Then there are all the things that the salon owner is paying for. Payroll, rent, taxes, vacation pay, benefits, back bar products, retail products, insurance, the list goes on and on. All of this is taken in to account when designing salon pricing.

You are paying for expertise.

You are paying for safety.

You are paying for quality products.

You are paying for a working wage that supports families.

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