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LED/UV Gel Full Set

Longer, stronger nails with the best LED/UV Gel product we've ever found, Akzentz. No powders or liquids here. We only do true LED/UV Gel nail enhancements.

LED/UV Gel Fill

Akzentz LED/UV Gel is used to fill Gel nail enhancements, giving you the best look possible. Simple nail art is included.

Gel Polish


We have more services listed on our booking page but these are the most popular.

Before Your Appointment
Please don't wear hand creams to your appointment.

After Your Appointment
You can begin your normal activities right away, however, you should avoid using your nails as tools.
Remember they are Jewels, not Tools!

The following activities should be avoided while wearing nail enhancements:

~Picking off your enhancements. When you pick your polish off it takes a little bit of your nail with it.
~Excessive picking or cutting of skin surrounding the nails.
~Use of harsh nail files. We want the ends of your nails to stay sealed, that way you don't risk a chip.

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